Craving to escape the hustle and bustle of the City and soak up the sunshine? Then an afternoon at Earlham Park is highly recommended and one where all of the family (even the four legged members) can come and join in the fun.



With the vast open spaces, if you or the kids need to burn off some energy then here is the place to do it!

Go for a jog, bring a ball or even fly a kite, an afternoon at Earlham Park certainly has the space to do it!

If the dog needs a good walk to tire him out then bring him along too!

There are many walks through the stunning woodlands, or even onto campus itself. You can easily lose track of time when you’re spending an afternoon at Earlham Park.



A picnic beside the river as the sun gently comes through the trees sounds like a perfect afternoon too us. Earlham Park is one of the most popular picnic spots in the city and has a seating area as well.

With a number of independent locally sourced shops available in the city you can really make your picnic special! There are also nearby toilets should you drink a bit too much lemonade as well!

Or try out the café nearby for a coffee to warm you up if it’s a bit chilly!



An afternoon at Earlham Park really doesn’t have to stop there, venture onto campus and explore the Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts with it’s stunning sculpture gardens and architecture for you to explore.

Or  take a walk alongside the river to see what wildlife you can spot. This river actually connects with the Norfolk Broads and many describe the area as one of ‘horticultural interest’.



Not only a popular picnic spot, but also one that is becoming the go to venue for many open air concerts and events. Have a look beforehand and book some tickets and you can continue your afternoon at Earlham Park into the evening!


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