There are so many cute and quirky independent coffee houses in our fine city, that it’s almost impossible to narrow down the best coffee shop in Norwich. That’s why we’ve chosen our top 5 favourites for a delicious cup of Joe to go.



‘Look for the Monkey’ when you want to spend your money on a tasty, ethically made cup of coffee. A beloved fixture on 3 sites – Unthank Road, Onley St and recently UEA’s own Sainsbury centre, Kofra makes its presentation skills as stylish and sciencey as their drinks are hot.


Strangers Coffee House

Beloved from Pottergate and Beyond, this coffee house roasts its own blends, and even offers their customers some to take home. With friendly, knowledgeable baristas and a wide variety of flavours, such as chai, mocha and even matcha lattes, this is a place to pop down for any coffee connoisseur.



Even the name sounds magical. And its coffee won’t disappoint you either! This is the perfect place to show off to a mate – where else would you be able to drink coffee from a skull shaped cup, or delight in indulgently boozy creations. With great cakes to tempt you too, and an atmosphere that’s sure to inspire some instagramming, this is a great place to do things a little differently.



This is another coffee house that offers cocktails, but there’s no need to worry about a carbon copy here. A cosy coffee house with most seats upstairs, and a barrage of board games to play with your mates, they focus on providing an uncomplicated menu with a lot of style. Attentive staff and frequent freebies make this a cosy coffee treat.


Cherry Leaf

The Cherry Leaf Coffee House is a bit of a hidden treasure, tucked away from the competition of chains and independent coffee houses alike on St Giles Street. But it makes its mark on those in the know. Known for being allergy friendly, this is a place where coffee is best served with rest and relaxation.


Once you’ve gone out and tried them all, let us know what your best coffee shop in Norwich is. Maybe it’s one that didn’t wind up on our list.