Are you looking for some long-term accommodation here in Norwich? Or perhaps you are looking to save some money on a new recruit’s relocation package? Either way, the team here at Number 82 have an array of different deals for you to take advantage of!


So you applicant has accepted your proposed job offer, meaning it’s that time where you will need to start looking into some different relocation packages. So what do you need to remember when looking into the different relocation packages currently available?


It is no secret that relocation package allowances can be extremely expensive, especially if the vacancy has been filled with the help of a third party recruitment agency that will automatically be paid a percentage of the salary on offer, overall adding to expenses.


When a company makes a job offer, especially when knowing relocation will be a prominent feature of discussions, it will be in both parties interest to get some basic issues settled so that the new recruit can focus on his new job role and the responsibilities that come with it. This is where Number 82 can help help out, offering up our 19 serviced apartments, with a variety of different long term stay deals available, making us considerably cheaper than a comparable hotel, without the added benefit of a self-contained apartment with a host of home like features and space for visiting family.


Our flexibility and standard of accommodation has meant that a variety of HR managers across Norfolk are turning to the team at Number 82 for our serviced apartments and homelike atmosphere, allowing new recruits to feel right at home until they are fully settled here in Norwich.


A standard, written relocation package or standard policy may well be in place.


If the post has been filled via a third party recruiter they, too, will advise the new recruit what’s on offer. Most professionals realise that larger companies offer standardised rates to cover a relocation package, while smaller companies may vary their offer by industry, or city or seniority of the position.


They need to balance this by keeping their relocation package expenses low in order to keep departmental overheads down.


Usually, the following will be covered by expenses for a relocation package:

    • • Job search assistance for the spouse (recruiters, job search, referrals)
      • Possible assistance in selling the house
      • Travel costs back home if the new recruit moves before the family moves
      • Moving costs
      • We offer heavily discounted rates for longer-term stays in our self-serviced apartments
      • Temporary lodging costs e.g. for Norfolk

Having gone to considerable expense to attract the ideal candidate to fill a vacancy, the HR manager needs to ensure the new recruit feels valued. Number 82 serviced apartments are always popular with Norfolk HR managers searching for suitable temporary accommodation. They offer unbeatable rates for long-term stays and fall within the specification for executive recruitment relocation packages.


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