Norwich is a much loved city for its arts and culture scene- but did you know how many brilliant live music venues it offers? Who here’s looking forward to it being safe to go and experience live music again?  


Norwich Arts Centre

This is the perfect place to go for indie or folksy music that’s outside of your usual listening habits.

It’s also great for introducing the city to up and coming young artists. Particular highlights include the ‘take your time’ summer bbq, Acid mothers temple and A band called malice. 



It might be better known as the venue where students are introduced into their life of partying, but it’s also one of the biggest and best gig venues in Norwich.

Some big names that played last year include Belinda Carlisle and Gary Newman.

Like a lot of venues in Norwich, they specialise in both cheesy pop and heavy metal – as represented by Opeth and Killswitch engage.


Epic Studios

This is a venue that’s often forgotten about when talking about the Norwich music scene.

Hidden away in Magdalen street, this is all about alternative – plus providing new experiences to young people and under 18s.

Some highlights include metal band The Guana Bats, Ska Face and Martin Kemp’s back to the 80s party.



Outside of the city, this venue is another rocking Norwich institution which was recently saved from closure by the love of Norwich music fans.

A regular face at ‘the brickies’ is the Lee Vasey house band, also presenting acts including Wrong Jovi and The Bloodshake chorus. 


The Waterfront 

The Waterfront, which shares a management team and booking system with the LCR, also shares a slice of the alternative and heavy market.

It has acts like Johnny Marr and Queensyrce.

They also play host to a number of tribute acts, such as motorheadache and the UK Foo fighters.

They even have regular appearances from famous drag artists like Trinity and Plastiqua.