When you visit Norfolk, you will find one attraction that will feature in every blog, guide and article.

It will be on the lips of every person you speak to.

It is one of the most recommended and iconic parts of the region, and indeed the UK.

The Norfolk Broads, this is everything you need to know.

What are the Norfolk Broads?

The Norfolk Broads are a man-made network of seven rivers throughout the heart of Norfolk.

There are more miles of waterways than Venice and Amsterdam!

The Norfolk Broads are lock-free which make it very popular with many choosing to hire a day boat or even holiday boat to explore the amazing Norfolk Countryside.

People in Norfolk and afar have been hiring boats on the broads since 1930 and it still remains as popular today as it was back then.


You can experience the Norfolk Broads by boat, bike or even foot. However, the most popular way is by hiring a boat.

You can hire a boat easily from numerous places, the easiest probably being in Wroxham.
There are many fishing spots throughout the network of rivers and shallow lakes.

You will also be able to spot all of the flora, fauna and Norfolk wildlife as you sail along, not to mention the stunning evening views.

Things to do

Picnics, boat trips, fishing or cycling, you may think you will be busy but there are so many more things to do when experiencing the Norfolk Broads.

Camping, bird watching, and visiting all of the villages and market towns will allow you to explore every aspect of this scenic part of the region.

Don’t forget to spot the seals at Horsey as well as the otters which frequent the broads as well!


Some call this area ‘Broadland’ and the city of Norwich is at its core, which means you can easily moor up and spend a day exploring the city’s historic medieval sites like Norwich Cathedral and Norwich Castle.

There are a number of villages, pub and wildlife tours you can take that guide you along the best spots the Broads has to offer!

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