Locals have all heard of the new Netflix film, Jingle Jangle, that was partly filmed in Norwich’s own Elm Hill, and even used Norfolk extras – but have you? We’ve decided to do something different, and write our ‘Film Location’ guide to Norwich!


The Sainsbury Centre, UEA

Whether you’re 13 or 33, everybody knows and loves the Avengers. But did you know they have a home in Norwich? Featured in movies like Spiderman Homecoming, Age of Ultron and Infinity War, this film fact is a treat for superheroes of all ages.


Elm Hill, Norwich City Centre

Before Elm Hill was festively decked, it was featured in 2007’s sweet fantasy, Stardust, about a man who falls in love with a fallen star. Aww. Even local pub the Briton’s arms was given a Hollywood makeover to turn into ‘The Slaughtered Prince.’


Norwich Cathedral

Norwich’s beautiful cathedral is a real screen regular. It has featured in the Harry Potter films, transformed into a fantasy castle for 2013 Fantasy ‘Jack the Giant Slayer,’ and appropriately artsy for ‘Tulip Fever’.


Norwich Train Station

Not the most glamorous landmark on our list? Well, it was still one of the backdrops for Steve Coogan’s hilarious ‘Alan Partridge, Alpha Papa’ – along with the cathedral and Cromer pier. There’s even an Alan Partridge fan festival coming to Norwich in 2020.


Our Whole Fine City (and Great Yarmouth!)

‘Fighting with my Family’ is a story about the success of one of Norwich’s own. A real life story starring Dwayne the Rock Johnson, about aspiring wrestler Paige who gets so good she’s approached by the WWE greats – and it was filmed all around the city that took her to the stars!